Iskandarkul Lake

The heart of Fan mountains, the treasure of Tyan-Shan, the scenic Iskandarkul lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Tajikistan. Having an emerald green and blue color, the water of Iskandarkul lake is cold but it is warm enough for swimming in some parts that are close to the shore or covered bays, especially in summertime. The lake is surrounded by snowy peaks. A fast-flowing Iskander-darya river flows from the lake, forming a marvelous and gorgeous waterfall, known as the “Fan Niagara”which falls from a height of 38 meters. A number of legends are linked to this lake. According to one of the legends, while passing through the Fan Mountains with his army, Alexander the Great lost his horse Bucefal, which supposedly sank in the lake. The lake was then named after Alexander, whose name is spelled in Persian as “Iskander”.

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