Kishtud Valley

The Kishtud Valley is one of the entrances by car to the Fan Mountains. From Dushanbe, Khujand and Panjakent possible to drive to the valley in the villages of Gazza, Zimtud, Voru and Artuch, and from there should to start hiking  in all directions of the valleys and lakes of the Fan Mountains. The valley Kishtud is located in east part of the Panjakent district, along the Kishtud River and both sides of river is located villages, such as Boru, Ghazza, Zimtud, Gaznich, Guitang, Ven, Porven. Pagna.   In many places of the Kishtud valley along the Kishtud River (Ruz), the ruins of the temples of fire, pikers for the production of ore, which are still preserved in the Sarmat and Mushiston valleys, remained from the Sogdians. In ancient times, the Sogdians mined gold, silver and coal from the bowels of the mountains of these places. From the Munora Pass, descent into Lake Pushtikul. The name Pushtikul Lake owes it to the place where the ancient miners melted iron. Makeshift stoves, conical moulds for casting and piles of slag dumps are still preserved there. Obviously in the old days, a lake in which iron melted served as a landmark for craftsmen.

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