Ancient city Panjakent V-VII centuries

The ancient Panjakent settlement is an archaeological site of the V-VII centuries and covers an area of 13.5 hectares. The settlement consists of 3 belts of fortifications, a shahristan with a defensive wall, suburban estates and a necropolis. The city was built in the 5th century and lasted until the 7th century. Excavations have been carried out since 1947. The walls of many houses have survived to the second floor. In total, 2 palace complexes, 2 temples, 2 bazaar complexes, 8 streets, dozens of multi-room houses of nobility and ordinary citizens, city walls of the V-VIII centuries were excavated. Scientifically and historically, the ancient city of Panjikent is a  monument of Sogdian culture during the functioning of the Great Silk Road.